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  If you KNOW what fraud and corruption is
there should be NO fraud and corruption.


Last week we assessed our capability to prevent fraud and corruption. Thus our questionaire assessed whether participants where aware and able to identify different types of fraud
and corruption?

Listed below is the feedback we recieved
from the participants.

Have you been inducted on fraud and corruption?
  68% said no, and 32% said yes.
Are there existing policies on fraud and corruption in your work environment?
  16% said no, and 84% said yes.
In the past six months which the following type of fraudulent activites have occurred in your work environment:
Irregular procurement
  Illegal appointments
68% said no, and 32% said yes.   52% said no, and 48% said yes.
Bribery   Kickbacks
76% said no, and 24% said yes.   80% said no, and 20% said yes.
Fronting   Cover quoting
80% said no, and 20% said yes.   84% said no, and 16% said yes.
Abuse of authority   Paying service providers without proof of work done
56% said no, and 44% said yes.   80% said no, and 20% said yes.
Abuse of state resources    
56% said no, and 44% said yes.    
  The poll results inform us:  
  The majority of participants where not inducted to potential fraud and corruption.
  We have established that Illegal appointments, Abuse of state resources and Abuse of authority are the areas participants where most aware of.
  Statisticly Fronting and Cover quoting where the areas which participants where the least worried about regarding potential fraud and corruption.
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